Our Staff


Yolanda Anderson

Yolanda is a Licensed Master Esthetician and full-time Certified Medical Assistant. She has worked in esthetics and skin care, in a medical setting for over 15 years. She has an in-depth knowledge of skin and skin care technology and strives to promote the health and wellness benefits of facials specific to each client. She is able to use her enhanced knowledge in esthetic products as well as her background in dermatology.

Sara Hurless

Sara graduated from Evergreen Beauty School in 2012 and has been in the beauty industry for 8 years, focusing on waxing (Brazilians and Bikini waxing, as well as general body waxing) and facials/skincare. Sara became interested in a career in the beauty/spa industry as her mother has been a licensed massage therapist for over 30 years. It has now become her passion. Her waxing style and abilities have procured over a hundred regular waxing clients and devout followers.

Perris Drey Petrozzi

Drey graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care in 2015. His love for nutrition and his own personal skin care led him to this career path. Though he had been offered an eyelash extension course in school it was something he never thought he wanted to do until he “fell” into the career. After starting he realized it had become a huge passion - borderline obsession - he would spend hours a day researching the newest techniques of application, ways to increase retention etc. He loves eye styling and mapping and creating custom sets for everyone of his clients, creating different looks to suit everyone. He has spent the last 2 years perfecting classic lashes (1 extension per natural lash) and has now advanced into the world of volume (multiple thin lashes per natural lash).

Esthetician/Volume Lash Stylist

Gina Pender

Gina graduated from Clover Park Esthetician School in Lakewood, Washington in 2007. Her career started as a make-up artist at Gene Juarez, which led her into the field of esthetics. Since getting her esthetician license, Gina has been focusing on microblading, lash lifts, make-up artistry and volume style lashes at her own salon for over ten (10) years. Gina’s background in make-up artistry and her eye for creating custom lashes and brows makes her a perfect addition to RAIN.

Massage Therapists

Tru Hoang

Tru has been treating athletes and injured clients since 2012. He provides a number of therapeutic techniques from various modalities combining Swedish Massage, Dynamic Pin and Stretch, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy. He enjoys working with and rehabilitating clients who have recovered from surgery, accidents, sport injuries, chronic pain, frozen shoulder, and has helped many clients find relief from pain. Being an athlete who has competed in football, mixed martial arts and Olympic weightlifting, Tru understands the therapeutic needs of today's athletes. His education, knowledge, and experience with the treatment of basic athletic injuries aid him in the evaluation and treatment of his clients. He is continually working to expand his knowledge in order to provide his clients with the greatest level of care possible. Experience: Tru was the Head Massage Therapist at a Massage clinic in Seattle for three years performing over 100+ hours a month while mentoring new massage therapists. He has also worked with many amateur/semi-pro/pro athletes including Seahawks players and UFC fighters.

Dyan Maniego

Dyan graduated from Cortiva Institute-Seattle with 1000 hours of education in 2013. She chose massage therapy because working with people one-on-one is very fulfilling and having the ability to help a person heal is very rewarding. Having the ability to help a person heal is very rewarding. She incorporates different modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial and neuromuscular techniques in her massage. She is also trained in prenatal massage as well as hot stone therapy. What she loves about massage therapy is that she is never bored. Each day she feels she gets to do something different. She loves the challenge of figuring out what she needs to do to help our her client. She likes to think of the body as a puzzle, massage therapy is like putting all the pieces together so that everything works the way it should. She is honored to be able to work on so many different people and she looks forward to helping others on their path to wellness.

Katt Bayer

Katt Bayer graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in 2014. Her primary focus as a Massage Therapist is to help her clients live in the best body they can! Katt practices a blended style of massage therapy, drawing from many aspects of her training to best tailor each session to the client’s needs. Whether it’s general relaxation or managing muscle pain and tension that brings you our spa, Katt’s ability to hear your concerns and customize the session to your needs is sure to leave you feeling more comfortable in your own body. She offers a wide range of skill in massage, from general relaxation / Swedish to more focused and detailed work involving stretches and side lying. She is also a skilled and passionate prenatal therapist; who as a mother herself, tends to be very successful in addressing the needs of expectant mothers. Passionate and hardworking, Katt is dedicated to building a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients while helping to make their wellness journey a little less stressful along the way. Her 60-90 min relaxation / Swedish massage involves full body work with one to three focus areas, using light to firm pressure. Her 60-90 min therapeutic massage focuses either on upper or lower body, with the intent to decrease pain or tension due to injury or reoccurring physical stress. Deep tissue techniques will be used to treat the area of complaint and possibly the compensating structures as well. Katt will often use the side lying position to better access the muscles in order to properly address the issue. Her 60-90min prenatal massage, the best gift that can be given to any expectant mother, is the gift of comfort. The magic and beauty of pregnancy takes a toll on the mind and body in ways many mothers didn’t expect and in ways those who aren’t mothers just can’t understand. As a mother, Katt understands! When you reach for your mid low back and can’t describe the discomfort and tension you feel across your hips, or when you explain that you’ve been trying to stretch your neck and shoulders but you can’t seem to get them to loosen up, she hears you. Remembering those pains and tensions all too well, she is here to help you feel better and to offer you self-care tips, post massage, empowering you more tools to increase your comfort through one of life’s most magnificent journeys! Her 120 min customized full body stretch and massage focuses on both the superficial layer of tissue and the deeper layers of tissue. Katt works her own blended style of massage into this meaningful mind and body altering experience. Movement and stretching being a key part of this style, work out clothing, or the like, is suggested. This style of massage can only be booked in person or by phone, and only after a client has worked with Katt at least once before. Compassionate, driven and dedicated, Katt is the therapist to seek when your body needs understanding!